Fixing problems with MusicBrainz on Amarok( Fingerprinting of .mp3 files is not supported )

So, I’ve been using Amarok for a little while and I found this MusicBrainz tag filler feature, when I tried to use it the damn thing told me this:

:Tunepimp (MusicBrainz tagging library ) returned the following error: “Fingerprinting of .mp3 files is not supported.”

Well the way to fix this is by installing the missing library, wich the message is not refering, but I’ll give you the name: libtunepimp5-mp3. So if you are running Ubuntu simply do:
$ sudo apt-get install libtunepimp5-mp3
And that should leave your MusicBrainz tag fetcher completely functional, just restart Amarok after installing the library.


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