Rails 2.2 just released. Rubygems update required

Rails 2.2 has been released in past few days… Rayan Bates already did a new RailsCasts explaining one of the new features “Memoize”, check that out.
By the way, if you want to upgrade your rails version you will need to upgrade your rubygems as well (in case u have the previous version).
To do this simply do
$ sudo gem update --system
This should work but some of us are getting some errors while doing this so this is the other way.
$ sudo gem install rubygems-update
This will install latest rubygems version but now we still need to make it work so do as follows
$ sudo update_rubygems
So now you have rubygems updated, you can now type
$ sudo gem update gems or
$ sudo gem update rails or
$ sudo gem install rails to get the update.
To make the fat lady sing, just check your version to make sure everything went ok
$ rails --version
this should return Rails 2.2.2 as output.
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